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What should the homeowners do when there is possible hail and storm damage?

1) The homeowner should contact their home insurance company immediately and report any possible damages.   

2) The homeowner should contact their local contractor AFTER they speak with their insurance company, but BEFORE they accept any payments from the insurance company.

An insurance adjuster inspects the property for possible damages, the adjuster either presents an allowance to cover the damages or allows the homeowner to accept bids from local contractors to correct the damages. 


The homeowner should be certain that the insurance company agrees with all the damages and is willing to cover the entire cost of the replacement.  Hail and storm may damage many external area of the home such as the roof, aluminum siding, aluminum gutters, windows, aluminum window capping, aluminum door capping, doors, garage doors, and water spouts.


R K Conrad represents the homeowner, our goal is to ensure the property is back to perfect condition and the homeowner recovers the proper cost of the repairs.

We ask that homeowners to contact us once they have a direction from their insurance company.  We also recommend that the homeowners not accept any payments and allow us to do our due diligence and coordinate all of the repair details with the insurance adjuster.


R K Conrad's goal is to restore the property and minimize the cost to the homeowner.  In some cases, the homeowner that accepts payments prior to counseling with a professional contractor, may find that the proper cost of the repair far exceeds the insurance payments.

2019 06 04 - R K Conrad Brochure - Hail

local home insurance companies

Insurance Compnay Names and Phone Number

June 2nd 2019 

Below images were provided by the by the National Weather Service in Mount Holly New Jersey, showing possible impacted area in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.

Full data may be viewed at 

Half Dollar and Quarter size hail reported on 6/2/2019

2019 06 08 - June 2nd Storm - data from

May 29th & 30th  2019

Quarter size hail reported on 5/29/2019 & 5/30/2019

2019 05 29 - Golf Size Hail - ABC report
2019 06 08 - May 29th and 30th Storm - d

May 28th  2019 

Golf ball, Half Dollar and Quarter size hail reported on 5/28/2019

2019 06 08 - May 28th Storm - data from
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